By choosing to invest in yourself you will give yourself a gift for life!

I will be there along the way to coach you and give you simple, efficient tips on how to improve your health and life. But more importantly, i will be there to support you, so you can have the motivation to start working on yourself and change your life for good!


A coaching consultation is for you if you would like to develop healthy habits that will enable you to reduce stress and manage anxiety.


60-minute initial consultation, $80.00.
Thereafter 40-minute follow-up consultations will become available (if required), $60.00.

What to expect?

I’m here to guide and support you. I’ll give you guidance, recommendations, and free resources.


The sessions will be done either online via Zoom or via phone. Get yourself comfortable and remember that this is your time to do something good for you! Enjoy every step of the way.
I’ll be forever grateful to work with you and help support you in changing your life.
Are you ready to work with me?